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Making Exploring
the World Easy!

Hi, I'm Alicia. 

I'm your personal travel planner and concierge specialist!


My passion for globetrotting started when I was 9 years old, and ever since then- the world has been my playground. With every new adventure, my wanderlust grew and I fell in love with planning every detail of my travel.


As 'The Travel Guru' my sole mission is to help you enjoy your vacation without the hassles of planning. Say goodbye to stress and endless research, and let me take care of everything from start to finish.


All you need to do is pack your bags, embrace the excitement and show up!


Let's make your travel dreams, a reality!

The Travel Guru Bermuda, Travel Advisor and Personal Concierge
The Travel Guru Bermuda, Travel Edge Network Partner

My Travel Philosophy

At The Travel Guru, I believe the world is an extraordinary place filled with a never-ending bucket list of cities, cultures and natural wonders waiting to be explored. I believe that travel is for everyone, and it is never too early or too late to start travelling. I strongly believe that travel represents the foundation for more meaningful life experiences and an improved understanding of humanity.

My mission is to make your travels a joyful and stress-free experience.

As The Travel Guru, I offer a tailored approach to help others plan and experience unforgettable vacations. Whether it's a trip of a lifetime, a unique spring break, a summer road trip, an inter-generational vacation, a milestone celebration, or something else, I am here to cater to your needs!

I have access to the elite-level of planning platforms, deep relationships with the industry’s leading destination experts around the world, and years of travel experience to ensure a top-notch experience for my clients.

Everything I do is curated personally for you!


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